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Samsung Career Day

Update : 06:01, 17/06/2019

On 13/06/2013, at Level 4 - the A17, College Polytechnic in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Corporation, Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd Vietnam (SEV) held the "Festival Samsung employment ".

 This is a good opportunity to help College Student jobs Polytechnic graduate job consistent approach and to work at SamsungElectronic Co. VN.

Student volunteers in "Career Day Samsung"

 Participants of the program are senior majorsElectrical, Electronics, Mechanical EngineeringInformation Technology ... College ofVocational Technology, Hanoi.

With the aim of supporting employment for students after graduation and workforce to attract qualified to do business in VN Co., Ltd.Samsung"Samsung Career Dayhas provided the information for candidates basic information such as the model organization,personnel structurevacanciessalarypromotion opportunities ....

In addition to the interview room corridor

Also in this programstudents have the opportunity to be interviewed directly recruited through 4 rounds.

  Round 1presentation and answered questions

Round 21st Interview

Round 3: Testing

Round 42nd Interview

There were 70 students Polytechnic College HN are employed directly in the "Career Day SamsungSamsung Company and theappreciation of qualityIt is known that students working at Samsung Electronics Co. will receive a starting salary of approximately 4.7million / month and can increase to 7.5 - 8tr VND / month working official.

The candidates in the examination room

At the request of Samsung Electronics Co.the School will collaborate with Samsung Electronics Co. will organize "Samsung wasCareer Day IIfor students of the Hanoi Polytechnic CDN starting at 8:00 am, 29 / 6/2013at the 4th floor - the A17.

For more information please contact: Room 202College of Technology HNNo. 15 A Ta Quang Buu Street, Hai Ba TrungHanoi.

Tel043 868 2917 - Mobile: 0983.110.279 (A. Nguyen Ngoc Long)


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